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Badoi Madalina


My name is Badoi Madalina Andreea, I'm 22 years old and I'm a fresh graduate of the National University of Arts, Faculty of Decorative Arts in Bucharest I'm searching with an enormous enthusiasm for a job or an Internship as creative and energetic as me in a friendly environment and eager to teach me to excel professionally. I studied plastic and decorative arts for 11 years, I have participated in numerous contests, festivals, and artistic moves that have increased the content of my portfolio, but I also have had projects for different people or businesses who wanted an artistic work made by me, whether it was a poster, a logo, a drawing, or a mural painting. I have also made an Internship in Graphic Design for 3 months and I worked in sales and marketing since I was 16. I have knowledge in graphics, painting, mural art, graphic design, illustration, art history, literature, movies, music and marketing. I also make tattoos and braided hairstyles.