Allison Tanenhaus

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Allison Tanenhaus is a digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities.

Her source material consists of original works (observational photographs, thought-provoking word art, previous glitch pieces) and vintage artifacts that she digitally alters via smartphone. Created with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued, fantastical compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own. In an age of hyper cyber anxiety, when personal data is being culled and exploited on every platform, reclaiming files and devices for purely artistic purposes functions as a radical act of creative autonomy and expression—and, through her colorful presentations, promotes joy, mindfulness, and unity.

Recent commissions and installations include Bulfinch Crossing, the ICA Store at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, New England Synth Fest, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and “GlitchKraft: Allison Tanenhaus + Friends” at Emerson Contemporary. She is a recent recipient of a Somerville Visual Art Fellowship, frequently creates music videos and album art for electronic musicians The Square Root of Negative Two, Maria Finkelmeier, and Doug Bielmeier, and often collaborates with pop-culture portraitist Alex Kittle and light installation artist Ben K. Foley.