Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier

Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier is, of course, one of the most interesting personalities in
Ukrainian painting. Over her shoulders she carries 20-year-old baggage of art activity and over
50 solo exhibitions. Her paintings are held in the collections of many museums not only in
Ukraine, but also all over the world.
The artist is equally mastered in urban landscape and still life, animal painting and genre scenes.
The tool in the creation of author's canvases is the palette knife both with it the rich color palette.
However, she prefers black-and-white works, where the viewer is trying to penetrate the artistic
intent, to follow the play of shadows. Works in black and white not only change the very path of
artistic thinking, changing the traditional composition to a fragmented frame, but also affect the
visual perception, in which the picture is associated with documentary, truthfulness and sincerity.
Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier’s “modern impressionism” paintings are reflected openly and
directly. Much attention is paid to light and shade, perspectives, working with space. That is why
the exhibition presents black and white works with those contrasts of darkness and light, with
thick shadows.
Why black and white? Because a black and white image forms a certain emotion

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