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Chris Tsonias

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For the last 5 years Chris has worked as a sculptor and maker, experimenting with found and discarded materials like paper, card and fabric to develop a construction process imagining, designing and building objects of unparalleled skill and beautiful form. Through extensive research he has created an innovative method for recycling a variety of materials into forms such as musical instruments, sculpture and functional audio speakers. These forms have acted as a canvas for Chris’s own imagination. Traditional musical instrument shapes exist in their own right, but are often re-imagined and enhanced with a vivid array of original design elements. Sculptural forms bring to life artistic imagery but also act as a canvas for other artists to explore their practice.

Recognizing the often-devastating impact on the environment of current processes to produce musical instruments and audio speakers, Chris has engineered an innovative process, which turns wasted and found materials into one-off unique objects. This process, with its very low impact on the environment, demonstrates a commitment to ecological sustainability and the world we live in.

Chris’s work has been seen throughout Greece and exhibited in London. Music performed on his instruments has been played at European Union events, at conferences and cultural festivals in Greece and beyond. Chris has also formed partnerships with commercial businesses and international brands.