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art Tours berlin


Art Tours Berlin is meant for those who are interested in exploring Berlin's contemporary art scene, but don't exactly know where to start. We let you discover Berlin's vibrant and eclectic art scene in a fun, accessible and exciting way.

Get to know Berlin's artist community through personal studio visits, see the city's latest art exhibitions at emerging as well as top-tier galleries, and visit the best private collections in town! We organize bi-weekly public art tours as well as privately guided art tours upon request. We also organize regular ticketed events, like panels, talks, workshops, artist salons and drinks.

Become a member to join our tours for free, and get discounted tickets to our events!

Our tours come from the core idea that art is exciting and should be for everyone. We know that art galleries can feel distant and unwelcoming, and finding your way to an artist studio is even more complicated! Our goal is to show you the best of Berlin's art scene and experience contemporary art in a more dynamic and approachable way, where you actually get a feel of what’s happening in the art world right now. Are you thinking about buying art, but don’t really know how to go about it? We can guide you in the process to start your art collection!