Art&Science Center

Art&Science Center at ITMO University is a platform that develops artistic and educational projects through interdisciplinary dialogue between the artistic and scientific communities of the world.

We are part of ITMO University, a well-known institution for its awarded scientific and technological research as well as its values of innovation and integrity.

We coordinate the first master’s program of Art&Science in Russia that combines the theory and practices of art, providing access to cutting-edge laboratories and technology. Our majors include Bioart, NeuralArt, AI, Media, Robotic, and Video Art. Please find more information about our program on our website.

We have recently launched the Open Call for an Artistic Residency in our Center. The idea behind the Residency program is to unite art, science and technologies. The residency is open for artists working on a wide array of different formats: from installations, sculptures and videography to new media and digital art.