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Art Lab


Art Lab is an artistic project devoted to everyone who aspires to unleash their creativity. We invite guest artists to offer art classes which apply different types of media and go beyond the technique.

We’re all born with innate creativity. But what artists do, is to continue to develop that instinct. For those looking to enhance their own creativity, it can be hard to know where to start.

Our art classes are open to everyone who is keen to harness that inner creativity or simply want to learn something entirely new. The aim is not to only produce “art”, but to develop your own artistic approach and language at your own pace.

We have designed different modules with a specific focus where you can experiment with one type of format. Each module will have a duration of six weeks and will introduce you first to the basic techniques, before exploring the different styles and possibilities, each time supported by individual or group exercises. First, we will start with drawing before moving to painting, collage and finish with photography.

Our main goal is to create a safe space where you can practice artistic expression in a relaxed atmosphere led by the talented artist Tahian Behring. Guest artists will be invited to teach a specific course while bringing their own style and expertise to the table.