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Ariel Morales Ubal


I am an Industrial Designer from the University of Chile. I obtained a Bachelors in Design with mention “Industrial Design” in 2014 and Professional Degree in Design with mention “Industrial Design” in 2015. My area of specialization is furniture Design and Interior Design. I am looking for projects related to furniture design, Interior design and Building. I would like to participe in projects or work in this area. Also looking for internship opportunities and work in Design.

About me

In 2016 I started my own business where I produced different furniture designs for small spaces in apartments or homes in Chile. I had an atelier where I made the furniture and also a page to promote and show my work.
Besides that, I also like technical Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, these areas are very important for me in the development and perspective of the project. To create better Ideas and a stronger project about furniture and the optimization of the space.
I also like to apply methodology/process that help to order the development of the idea, so you can reach a better execution in the final product.

Technical Knowledge of Design Software.

Advanced Knowledge in software of Graphic Design “Illustrator and Photoshop”. Advance Knowledge in software of Industrial Design Autodesk Inventor Professional”. Also, Intermediate Knowledge in software “Autodesk Showcase”. Elementary Knowledge in software “AutoCAD”, “Sketchbook”, “InDesign” And “Adobe Flash”.