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Anthony Noel

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In my professional life, I operate the levers of a large scale email marketing platform, planning out operational and strategic programmes, working with analytical services and handling data in various formats. My employer describes me as a Marketing Manager, but that was presumably only to save on ink when they printed my business cards.

On my path to this point, I’ve on various occasions been something between a writer, an editor and a graphic designer. My focus and professional interest is on the worlds of graphic design, type, type technology and most design and visual culture in general.

Years ago, I thought that by this stage of my career I’d be designing and laying out fine art photographic monographs, with a sideline in my own large-format cityscape photography. That I’m working for one of the type world’s most dynamic and exciting font retailers, managing a hydra-like email marketing programme that connects with hundreds of thousands of fellow type lovers and design professionals across the globe, is turning out to be one of life‘s surprisingly rewarding detours.

I live in Berlin with my wife Julia and our three little works-in-progress – all wilful bundles of developing personal identities; an interteen (12), a wannabee teen (8) and a very teenie terrible toddler (2).