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I was born in Berlin and grew up in the States, spend some time in Brasil and India. However my roots have always brought me back to my beautiful hometown.
I am student of a circus school in Berlin and am fascinated by the world of performance and pysical theater.
I am specialising in static Trapez, vertikal Tissue, Contorsion( Schlangenmensch), and am performing with fire,- from bodyfire, Poi and Staff spinning, Clubs and burning Jumpropes.
Besides my circus training, I am working at all kinds of markets and festivals, for birthdaysparties, weddings, or opening ceromonies. I enjoy performing when ever I have a chance at some of Berlin Open Stages or Street Theater Festivals.
I have so many ideas, thought and feelings I want to express through my art of movement and am always looking for new inspirations and people to share, create and develope together new beautiful things.
So if you are interested in photoshootings, collaboration, new projects, or am looking for something to spice up your upcoming event, please feel invited to contact me.
Warmest wishes