Anne Louise Blicher

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I work within critical plant studies as a further development of the post-humanist thinking. My work is research and text based rooted in a conceptual painting practice. I question the heritage of the eighteenth-century picturesque landscape aesthetics. Today where human-made climate changes and pandemies make geological and social imprints it does not make sense to see nature as something framed, we can watch at a distance. Microbes constitute an extremely diverse category, even viruses. As Shamanic beings they enter into bodies, clouds and artefacts, and affect the fertility of the soil, dynamics of the, and the climate. I try to render nature as a sensed landscape, an ecology of dynamic parts in complex interaction with their surroundings replacing vast horizons with close-up bodily investigations of the land. I search for an anti-territorial agriculture as an alternative to the political land by translating nature’s own processes to visual patterns that break down the classical horizon. It is about settling in the sky and contemplating the earth in line with Emanuele Coccia’s Cosmic Garden, where the atmosphere is the core. I’m interested in the virtual as a way to think about our surroundings, where artificiality and automation form the basis of an alternative planetary. My hope is to develop new value-patterns of associations, which make room for more sustainable values bringing the vast horizons closer to ‘home’ as home is for which we take responsibility.