Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

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Half-British/half-Norwegian professional dance artist, dance educator, award-winning choreographer, movement director and artist coach based in Berlin and London.

My work is deeply rooted in collaboration and working with others, those within the creative industries and in other sectors. I am passionate about infusing creativity, individuality and expression in my work and creating a supportive, inclusive and inspiring environment. I have an open curiosity to the creative process and a deep fascination with the exploration of the body as a tool for communication and artistic expression.

My choreographic work spans across collaborative projects, commissioned work, commercial productions and self-produced work within both live performance and film. Alongside my work as a choreographer and movement director, I have worked extensively as a dance educator and teacher within pre-professional training, community dance, youth dance, professional dance education and in professional dance contexts teaching improvisation, composition, modern and contemporary dance.

I also work as an artist coach for individuals, offering personalised one-to-one coaching. Artist Coaching supports the personal, professional and artistic development of the individual, guiding them to discover the depths and scope of their abilities, and supporting them to create a sustainable, meaningful and fulfilling life.