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Andrea Valencia

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I am a Colombian plastic artist, most of my work has been made ​​from the interest aroused in me by the specificity of being a Latin American woman artist. From a first meeting with anthropology and their means of scientific questioning, I discovery the power of in situ observation as a dynamic in which was first hand answers to many of my vital questions. In a second time and exerting the ethnographic practice in a couple of indigenous groups and shamanic I discovered ancestral female practices that led to an exercise more focused on the feminine , so I start concentrate my creative energy on the understanding of many common questions in life of any woman. In 2009 I join as a teacher arts college in my town and I call my students to female circles where a theoretical way and we addressed practical issues such as the body of women, stereotypes , patriarchy , and is also beginning to make gender workshops in some cities in Germany , Portugal and Colombia . Currently living and working in Lisbon , focusing on the pictorial practice to find my own language for myself and the universe around me.