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Anca Danila

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Anca Danila is a visual artist born in Romania and based in Dublin where she works and live. She has a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in institutions and galleries around the world.

Anca’s works talk about identity in a mobile global world. Through her works Anca demonstrates her interest in anthropology, contemporary sociology and psychology. She explores through her work the transitions between geographical zones and cultural identities and the ongoing switch between the physical medium and the virtual one, bringing types of identity crisis which are to be found almost everywhere. Her artworks display the contemporary individual who creates different types of identities for themselves, constructed from social, cultural, or familial factors and the contrast between someone’s real and virtual identity. What they experience and live is, in fact, a continuing renegotiated relationship between the real identity and the constructed ones.