Amna Walayat

Artist Statement:
“History is made up of fragments and absences. What is left out is as significant as included” (Walter Benjamin).
I became interested in Colonisation and Imperialism after my postgraduation thesis Project with University College Cork, 2015. The hegemony of one culture that effected a colonized society did entirely change the shape and face of the whole world in term of cultural, values, demography and so on. And add new chapters to history.
With the rise of Imperialism, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was the largest long-distance forced movement of people in history which involve more than 12.5 million slaves. only about 10 million survived after a dreadful journey.
Recent European immigrant crisis which involve Mediterranean routs. Fleeing from war more than one million immigrants completed their deadly journey by using mostly the overloaded, auto pilot rubber boats. Number of them died for capsizing or still missing.
Having interest in history, particularly in migration (colonisation and imperialism), are reflected in my currant art practice. My artwork represents fragments from history which I interlink with contemporary context via symbolism to create new meaning or visual vocabulary.