Amin Khelghat

Amin Khelghat has left Iran four years ago heading for Germany in order to start a life as a
photographer. Watching a woman dancing, making photographs of her while dancing and
expressing her freedom and development, in his country, is forbidden and can be punished by
imprisonment for the photographer and the model.
So he decided to leave his homeland for good in order to devote himself entirely to his passion, the
art of photography. In his series “Motion Abstraction” we are confronted with the tension of
dancing veiled women and their smoothness, the poetry of their movement and the power of the
moment. We see a seemingly free movement, but the veil marks the frame in which it deploys itself,
illustrating a fight for being released from a cage.
Amin Khelghat had the opportunity to implement his ideas without repressions, but now this free
country that made his work possible has become the marker that hints to the repression he is trying
to visualise. Though well composed in means of lighting, technique and arrangement the
progression of his “sculptures” has evolved naturally and free of any choreographies.
There’s a story behind all of these dances, but it’s important to Amin Khelghat to let the viewer
have his own impressions and ideas.

# photography