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alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura

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alpha nova & galerie futura is a Berlin-based art space for exhibitions and cultural events with an explicit gender-critical perspective. The project was founded in 1986. It focuses on collaborations with women* artists. Based on a feminist self-concept, we want to create a space which combines political intervention and artistic practices to develop critical perspectives for the artistic and academic communities, as well as for society at large. alpha nova & galerie futura presents thematic exhibitions with fine arts of all genres. Events like film screenings, performances, concerts, readings, lectures, talks and discussions take place as well as thematic workshops and round-table discussions for women* cultural producers. We also offer coaching and support in conceptional work and networking for women* from artistic fields. alpha nova & galerie futura works with various partner institutions and individuals on local, interregional, and international temporary projects. Foci: feminisms, postcolonialism, intersectionality, conceptual and investigative approaches, collaborative working modes, art as production of knowledge, research as an artistic format.