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Alice Leonie Bucknell


Alice Bucknell is a visual artist, writer, researcher and thinker based in Chicago, IL. Her practice is located at the intersection of art, aesthetics, and social spaces. Her anthropological research takes up the social authority of public/installation art and the production of art spaces (i.e. artist collectives) in the urban environment as a platform for both knowledge production and sharing.

As a visual artist she considers topics of memory and commemoration; the phenomena of nostalgia, embodiment, and affect; in addition to the aesthetics of atmosphere and (be)longing. She considers her art practice to be an additional form of fieldwork.

She is currently investigating the role of contemporary art in constructing new narratives of social experience within both the built and imaginary environments of Detroit and Berlin, paying particular attention to the ways in which visual and performance artists can (re)activate the space and politics of emptiness in the modern cityscape.