Alia Gallery

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Built in 2019, Alia Gallery stands in the heart of an industrial town in Muscat, Oman. It serves as an oasis of colour, a haven for those who seek inspiration.
Founded by renowned Omani artist Alia Al Farsi, the 860 square metre warehouse is home to more than 120 art pieces, all the result of her own craftsmanship. The gallery was completely designed by the artist herself and it also includes a café (Alia lounge), a library and a gift shop.

Born in the culturally rich suburb of Muttrah, Alia Al Farsi was imbued to become an avid explorer and culturist to an affinity for historic towns. She says that she is a non-believer in self-imposition of stylistic boundaries, she takes her inspiration from patterns and vernacular architecture.

Her art is celebrated and appreciated in many parts of the world. She held major solo exhibitions in cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Geneva. She was chosen to be the first Omani artist to exhibit officially at Venice Biennale 2015 and won the prestigious Dr Saud Al Sabah Creativity Award in 2010.

The gallery entry is free since it was designed to attract art lovers. It is planned to make the gallery a hub for emerging artists. It is more of a gift to the community and a display of a lifetime career of one of the most popular art figures in the GCC.