Aleks Slota

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My multidisciplinary practice mainly consists of performance and sound, presented in both art spaces and the public sphere. The work addresses the construct of the public persona, the cult of personality that often results, and the underlying motivations of such individuals. I also attempt to disarm systemic and interpersonal violence by mocking it and deploying absurd artistic strategies against it.

In my performances I’m often seeking an intimate connection with the public, simultaneously complicating that intimacy with an uncomfortable and awkward atmosphere. I draw people close by sharing personal stories, gifts, or food, while at the same time revealing the ugly side of personal interactions, filled with power plays, unpleasant innuendos, and literal dirt. I attempt to create a space of tension and imbalance between the audience and myself, a gesture that complicates the reading of my intentions. The performance venue becomes unsteady and unsafe, the rules and borders become blurred. To facilitate this tension, I attempt to follow three rules when creating performances. One, nothing is rehearsed; this nurtures improvisation, the moment is fresh for me and for the audience. Two, I don’t act; when I do an action it is really done, there is no pretense. And finally, my work does not strive to the level of entertainment; performance can be entertaining but that is just a byproduct and not the main goal.