I’m a visual artist and major sneaker head. My hobbies are travel, fashion, food, cars, motorcycles, attending art galleries, art shows, events and museums. “AK ” was a nick name given to me in high school because people would call me “The Art Kid”. I’m originally from New York but now live and work from my studio in Dallas, TX. I come from two parents who are both artists and introduced me to the language of visual arts. While attending School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, I co-owned a custom clothing boutique in Passaic, NJ named S.P.I.T. Urban Designs which stands for “Styles Portraying Intelligent Trends”. The boutique store also showcased street wear and the shops own custom clothing which showed at the Magic Fashion show in Las Vegas, NV. Graduating from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan NY with a B.F.A. in 2007, launched me into my career. The goal of my work has been to reach people through Visual Arts and help educate them about culture and my upbringing. I now paint the series Mystery of the Flying Kicks. If you love art, fashion and urban art, give my work a look!