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Yvonne Rüegg

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AIR VILLEKULLA is Artist in Residency guesthouse situated in Kommetjie, CAPE TOWN run by the association AIR VILLEKULLA. The association was founded in 2012 and is also running an Artist in Residency in Zürich.
The AIR VILLEKULLA guesthouse offers artists and other guests an environment to stimulate their creative process and passion in any field of art and provides opportunities to extend networks and build up collaborations with local and international artists and guests. Cultural and idea exchange are the key focus of this project. The project also provides a platform to establish workshops, exhibitions and performing possibilities within various disciplines of art.
The artistic director is Yvonne Rüegg an accomplished Swiss artist. She has exhibited her paintings in many countries and in book form. Ms. Rüegg is also the president of the AIR VILLEKULLA association, which belongs to the Swiss association Artist in Residency. She has worked for many years as a high school teacher in Switzerland and in South Africa.
She has written her MAS thesis in the field of research and educational projects with the theme, “Knowledge exchange in the shared social space of an Artist in Residency” at the University of the Arts in Zurich.

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