Adrian Klajo

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Adrian Klajo - Serbian/Hungarian visual artist based in Subotica (Serbia)
Klajo places his found elements in such a linguistic structure, in the context of meaning, in which they receive a completely new meaning and purpose. These objects create a new context, a new visual and material quality after the artist placed them in a higher language consistency. He takes away the original function of material forms and puts them in a secondary role. So Klajo raises the material elements, which have a certain timeframe, onto the pedestal of eternity in the classical sense of the word.
I was born in 1993 in Serbia.I’m a Serbian-Hungarian visual artist based in Subotica, near to the border between Serbia and Hungary. I graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad(RS). In 2017, I completed the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. I was an intern at the 2018/2019 Budapest Art Mentor program. Last year, I was a resident artist of a Risk Change residency program also in Budapest. I had seven solo exhibitions, participated in more than fifty group exhibitions in my home country and abroad in Europe. I received several awards, my works are in private collections and different galleries. I have been an artist at the Laufer Gallery in Belgrade for three years now.