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Alessandro Morbidelli

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My passion for photography was born a few years ago after yet another trip to Africa. It was then that I realised that the quality of the photos I was bringing back home did not reflect even in the slightest the beauty of places and people I encountered. I also had friends who were semi-professional photographers and were shooting postcard photos with a flick of their fingers. I watched them with admiration. I wanted to learn. I bought my first LSD Canon, a 17-70mm lens and a good photography manual.

Since then my passion has been growing year after year, until I realised that in order to make a big step forward I needed to find a teacher. Books didn’t give me answers any more. Two and a half years ago I moved to Sydney and joined Australian Centre for Photography. There I found teachers and an ideal learning environment. Professionalism and creativity of my teachers helped me to grow technically and the exchange of ideas and techniques with fellow students broadened my creative vision.

At the end of 2013, my girlfriend and I decided to take a break from work and make our dream of long travel come true. We spent 6 months traveling across Southeast Asia – a journey that was an immense source of inspiration. The majority of photos on my website come from that journey.