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Being constantly feeling bored and purposeless, Oliver (b.1995, Hong Kong), a research-based artist and writer, dwells in themes like archiving, cataloguing, tautology, and pessimism to explore ways to declare existence. Other than benefitting themselves because they find pleasure in existential nihilism, they wonder how to contribute to better practices in institutions. By focusing on critical approaches to institutional practices, Oliver explores and compares the ridiculousness and obsessions found in rituals and structures of institutions like museums and religions. They see museums as vehicles of truths, and these truths are unstable. Through videos, participatory performances, installations, and writing, Oliver’s works directly mimic institutional structures to create satirical environments for audiences to confront.
Curious in ufology, other than researching and writing about fringe science itself, Oliver’s writings are often focused on exhibitions and artworks about ufology in the context of curatorial methods and institutions. They aim to explore alternative ways to write about ufology and to create an inclusive space within the fringe science communities for queer art workers.