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3D Printshow Berlin

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We’ve selected Berlin, recognising it as a European centre of innovation that stands at the forefront of business, manufacturing and culture. The first two days of our Berlin show will focus on key industrial applications for Additive Manufacturing, (e.g Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing and Medical & Dental.)

Our Berlin show business days will give you the chance to meet and interact with key players in the industry, exploring business adoption, emerging material innovations, opportunities for new applications and much more. Our Saturday show welcomes all visitors, from the seasoned industry professional to the tech fan that wants to get a better understanding of what these incredible machines are capable of.

From families to entrepreneurs, artists to makers, our Berlin show will have something for everyone!

3D Printshow Berlin features will include:

Art Gallery
Knowledge Bar
Business Hub
Lab (Your chance to get hands-on experience)
Classroom (Schools & Education section)