"What would Chardin paint on a Wednesday morning in Berlin?”

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The main premise of this intensive full weekend course in oil painting is the technical and conceptual development of the Still life. If you ever had a question “Can it be a still-life? How do I move forward on this painting?", this is the class that will help you. We will cover exactly how to progress from start to finish. Following an organized and clear procedure is an essential part of painting. The objective of the course is to learn a logical, step-by-step process to still-life. Topics covered include the Composition, Objects Construction, Perspective, Light and Color Theory, and materials for painting. Students will work from life set up, we will arrange together a still-life from different objects, or personal objects selected by the student. With short introduction on study of historic and contemporary painting methodologies with emphasis on exploration on some masterpieces of Chardin, Henri Matisse, etc.
Berlin, Germany
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