nahr 2024 residencies - fire: renewal, rituals, power

Mar. 11, 2024
115 SP25, Lombardia, Italy

Set in the rural Taleggio Valley in northern Italy (with an outpost in California since 2021), Nature, Art & Habitat Residency (NAHR) ECO-Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Practice, offers a lively space to productively think and create, collaborate and interact, and take full advantage of the surrounding natural landscapes, as well as Italy’s rich material culture, which combines vernacular traditions with innovative approaches to space, place, people and their communities.

NAHR is a one-month summer residency (June and ALT. RES. in July and August) offered to six multidisciplinary professionals and one university level student active in the fields of bio-inspired arts, design, and architecture, as well as anthropology, botany, natural sciences, literature, technology, economy, or a cross-disciplinary blend of any of these. An international jury will select the residents based on their proposals. Selection criteria includes feasibility, originality, and overall quality of the proposals. Each NAHR residency is supplied without fees, and lodging is provided for the month of June.

Residencies will be awarded according to independent project proposals that best explore the 2024 topic Fire: Renewal, Rituals, Power. Candidates are asked to consider how their proposals might best explore ways to build dynamic relationships between the Valley’s ecological resources, socio-cultural practices, and the built environment. Selection priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate both a direct engagement with the surrounding nature and the human habitat, through clearly articulated objectives and methods, and the ability to produce an artifact such as an installation, a thematic path, a sculpture, paintings, texts, food recipes, etc. as new types of landmarks in the Valley's territory.

Details for each of the 2024 Residencies are below:

NAHR CA Spring: Application Deadline: Dec 20th, 2023

  • April 2024 [2 Weeks], starting on a Sunday and concluding on a Saturday.

NAHR June: Application Deadline: Jan 10th, 2024

  • June 6 – July 2, 2024 [4 Weeks], 5-7 residents admitted.

ALT RES 2024: Application Deadline: Rolling, Accepting until Filled

  • July - August - September [2-6 Weeks], starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Monday.

NAHR CA Fall: Application Deadline: March 10th, 2024

  • October 2024 [2 Weeks], starting on a Sunday and concluding on a Saturday.
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NAHR 2024 Residencies - Fire: Renewal, Rituals, Power

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