culttech x ars electronica award

Jun. 26, 2023

The CultTech x Ars Electronica Award award calls for projects and ideas that exemplify responsible usage of technology and actively contribute to the accessibility and impact of culture while fostering meaningful engagement between creators, distributors, and audiences. Embracing the powerful intersection of culture and technology, it aims to support initiatives that drive sustainability, encourage responsible technological advancements, and facilitate digital transformation within the cultural and creative industries.

The CultTech x Ars Electronica Award fosters endeavours that harness the power of innovation and creativity to drive positive social change, not only on a local or regional level but also on a planetary scale. By spotlighting outstanding initiatives, this award underscores the need to responsibly utilise technology and resources, fostering inclusivity and promoting positive transformations.

Through this recognition, the award seeks to amplify the importance of social impact within the realm of culture and technology. Individuals, collectives, and organisations are invited to submit their groundbreaking initiatives that exemplify the transformative potential of the arts, while addressing critical issues, fostering inclusivity, and promoting positive change.

Submissions are welcome from early-stage projects that are still in the ideation phase, as well as those that have already made significant progress and are in the implementation or prototype stage.

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CultTech x Ars Electronica Award

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