residency at nopoint atelier

May. 23, 2024
ulitsa "Balanska", Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Like (almost) everything we do, this year’s residencies are going to be an experiment.

For starters, as there’s plenty of space and calmness, so we wondered why not adding more buzzing in that studio. It is such a different experience to be able to connect and discuss ideas with other artists while working on your project. So, for the first time this year, we decided to have people come together and not one by one. Still, there's only one room to accommodate everyone, so a shared sleeping arrangement is part of the deal.

Also for the first time, we’re working on two types of residency programs - what we called the In-House Residencies and the Travelling Residencies (more on this one soon).

The InHouse Residency programs at Nopoint Atelier are created to offer artists the space, the equipment, and the technical support from professionals who work with silkscreen and risograph printing. But also the time and space to explore, research, exchange ideas, or even rethink their direction of work. During the residency programs, artists are expected to work on a creative project in the studio.

IN-HOUSE RESIDENCY DURATION: Residency programs are for 2 weeks.

For the 2024 season, we have set 3 date opportunities for In-House Residencies:

24 June - 08 July

22 July - 05 August

19 August - 02 September

Why do we do Residencies?

  • To share the studio with other artists (fulfiling its purpose and the main goal for creating it)

  • To get our hands dirty and our minds warped up in ideas, to share meals and notions in the calmness of that small village of ours.

  • To get out of our comfort zone and away from the mundane things.

  • To welcome all kinds of people and get to know them through working and living together for a while. Why not make new friends from all around the world?

  • To experiment, to print, to explore all the ways that riso and screenprinting could be put into use.

  • To have more people around who will pet the cats, stay in the sun, listen to the wind and their own thoughts, which surely get louder the more silent we get.

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Residency at Nopoint Atelier

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