agitu ideo gudeta fellowship

Mar. 29, 2024

The Agitu Ideo Gudeta Fellowship is the result of the joint effort of Centrale Fies and Razzismo Brutta Storia and the collaboration with BHMF. With the support of her family, we are honored to be able to dedicate this Fellowship to Agitu Ideo Gudeta, a victim of a femicide that ended a life of struggle and strength, dedicated to an enlightened ecological practice, social justice, and respect for others. The aim of the scholarship is to create useful tools to fight against ethno-racial discrimination in the world of performative artistic research, facilitating the access of racialized subjects*.

Conceived as a form of affirmative action, the Agitu Ideo Gudeta Fellowship was created not only as a result of the need to foster diversity in the artistic fields so that it better reflects social reality, but also from the awareness that the lack of such diversity is linked to material and concrete symbolics. In this sense, the Fellowship aims to take a step in the direction of breaking down these barriers.

The Fellowship will be awarded to an artist who will be welcomed in the residency, research, and promotion path provided by Centrale Fies as part of the eleventh edition of LIVE WORKS - Free School of Performance. LIVE WORKS - Free School of Performance is a platform dedicated to live contemporary practices that contribute to deepening and broadening the idea of performance, following the current evolution of performance and its styles.

The performances produced will be presented at Centrale Fies in summer 2025, during the third edition of Live Works Summit 2025. On this occasion, the projects will be discussed by a board of international professionals, working for festivals, institutions, residencies, and production programs that sustain and produce research in performance.

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Agitu Ideo Gudeta Fellowship

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