“ibdaa” incubator

Jun. 15, 2023
Rue Morina, Rabat, Morocco

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and the University Agency of Francophonie announce the opening of the door for candidacy to participate in the incubator for cultural and creative projects “Ibdaa”, which is launched by ISESCO and the Agency to support entrepreneurship in the cultural field and the creative economy, in four countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania, Where 40 pilot project ideas will be selected from among the applicants to support them by providing them with the skills related to establishing an enterprise, networking and exchanging experiences with experts in the field of entrepreneurship, and training them in the digital field.

The “Ibdaa” incubator aims to develop creative entrepreneurship and promote the social, cultural and regional inclusion of artist entrepreneurs and assistant professionals in the Maghreb region. Economic growth by supporting the cultural and creative sector.

The incubator's activity will include, over the course of a full year, the organization of a series of training courses for the benefit of workers in the field of cultural economy and creative industries, focusing on benefiting from the rich and diverse cultural assets enjoyed by the Maghreb countries, and regarding creative industries as tools that enhance their national image and culture, and a mechanism for Mechanisms for achieving development and promoting social and cultural cohesion.

The “Ebdaa” incubator initiative, whose activities will be concluded with a training camp in Tunisia, seeks to contribute to the development of national cultural policies in line with the local reality of each country, in addition to valuing the cultural and creative offer, through networking between the existing ecosystems of entrepreneurship in order to Enhancing the development of their skills, exchanging experiences, and supporting the growth, competitiveness, and economic potential of cultural and creative projects.

Participation is open to those wishing to come from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania until Friday (June 16, 2023), by completing the candidacy file in French, which includes filling out the nomination form in the link: https://enquetes.auf.org/129982, and sending an electronic copy of the card National identification or a valid passport (for the candidate and members of the project team), CV (for the candidate and members of the project team), and a file about the previous works of art.



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“Ibdaa” incubator

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