2022 Individual Artists Program (IAP)

Artistic fields
Applied Arts, Architecture, Curating, Dance, Design, Digital, Drawing, Education, Fashion, Film, Installation, Interdisciplinary, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Public Art, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound Art, Textiles, Video, Visual Arts, Writing
Older than 18
Chicago, Illinois, United States
You must not be enrolled full time in undergraduate college/university studies of any kind. Be a practicing artist, artisan, curator or cultural producer. This is defined as someone who: − Is actively creating, curating or producing work − Has demonstrated success in the arts through the creation, curation or production of high-quality work and/or contributions to the field. − Has at least a two-year history of public presentation or publication
Cash Prize
15000 USD All applicants to the IAP Program will also be considered for special, less restricted grants – the Esteemed Artist Awards. Esteemed Artist Awardees will receive a grant award in place of the smaller project grant requested. We will accept requests up to $6,000.
900 USD up to $250 per domestic round-trip flight, up to $650 per international round-trip flight, up to $93 plus tax per night for lodging (including hotels, Air B & Bs, etc.), and up to $50 per bus/train ticket), cargo, freight, shipping, baggage fees, visa processing fees and agent fees related to the participation in the engagement.
IAP grantees can use 25% of their grant to pay themselves for their work on their project, and can use grants to purchase equipment valued at $5,000 or less. Note: If you are a City of Chicago employee or contractor, you are only eligible to receive $1,000.00.
Individual Artists Program (IAP) Grants support the creation, development, or presentation of artwork and professional development.The program aims to assist Chicago's practicing artists in creating work that develops their craft and elevates their careers, while adding to the cultural vitality of the city of Chicago. DCASE received an unprecedented increase to the Cultural Grants Program budget in 2022, which has doubled the funds available through this program this year. Grants support artists across all artistic disciplines including: • Film & Media Arts • Literary Arts • Performing Arts (Theatre/Dance) • Music • Visual Arts & Design Please Note: An artist can receive funding through IAP for up to two consecutive years before being required to take one year off from applying. If you have received a grant in 2020 and 2021, you may not apply for the 2022 cycle.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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