Coded Biophilia

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5-wk online class exploring soft wearables and biological textiles
School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe presents a 5-wk online class exploring soft wearables and biological textiles. About this event Can soft technology expand the ways our bodies sense and interact with the environment? / Five-week Live* Online class begins 27. October ends 24. November / Every Wednesday, 6pm-8pm, CET / Small class of participants Course Description Coded Biophilia is a workshop designed to learn basics of soft wearables and the exploration of biological textiles. During the workshop, students will explore the potential of bacterial cellulose for textile futures in terms of growing living materials and creating speculative scenarios for second skins, sensors, and adaptive responsive structures. Learning new methods of making sensory surfaces for wearables and to envision how biotechnology and new materials will shape our environment. At the end of the workshop, students will be able to identify state-of-the-art soft wearable and bio-textiles applications. Technology is getting closer and closer to our skin. What we wear today will soon be forgotten and replaced with biological technologies that are not only changing and challenging the way we consume and experience design and fashion, but also how we relate to and work with nature instead of against it. At this crucial point, as we tumble towards bio collapse; ensued by our growth-obsessed culture and unsustainable models for living, the challenge and responsibility of contemporary designers, thinkers and researchers is to lead with awareness and sensibility towards both the planet and its people. We have a responsibility to create a space for dialogue and a framework for reflection, to inspire innovation that will disrupt our current fatal model. Through Coded Biophilia and within this space, we have the opportunity to re-think the relationship between technology, design and society. Course Outline Week 1: Introductions This first week will be a chance for the group to get to know each other, introduce your work and interests as well as getting to know more about Giulia’s practise. There will be an introduction workshop, and an input & output group exercise to get the class started. Week 2: Bio-textiles The second week will be learning all about bio-textiles and getting to try out some methods for creating your own. This will be followed by a group brainstorming and then coupling up for projects. Week 3: Soft Sensors This week will focus on learning about soft sensors followed by a hands-on session to make some of our own. The group will continue to share ideas and brainstorm for projects. Week 4: Open Source This week will look into open-source methods as well as creating some DIY recipes/tutorials to try out. Week 5: Presentations During the final week, the group will share and present the recipes and tutorials along with a working prototype created during the class, feeding ideas and reflections back to each other to conclude our time together.
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