echo iii: open call for artists

Oct. 25, 2022
Athens - Sofia - Bucharest - Albania, Greece

‘ECHO III: for memory’s sake’ is an arts and heritage project that aims to bring together artists working in the fields of theatre, music, visual arts, and literature in order to explore tradition and culture through the themes of marriage, arranged marriages and nuclear families in the Balkan context. Specifically, the aim is to explore gender roles and norms through history and how all of the above affect young people and artists living in Europe.

ECHO III is looking for 24 artists, 6 Greek, 6 Romanian, 6 Bulgarian, 6 Albanian, working in the fields of theatre, music, visual arts, and literature to participate in the three stages of the project:

1st phase (Ethnographic Research): Ethnographic research will be conducted by professionals from 4 Balkan countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania) based on the theme of marriage in the Balkans to explore how gender issues affect the new generation. 2nd phase of ECHO III (Presentation of the results): Research results will be presented to the public through 4 artistic events; a theatre performance (Athens), video poems screenings (Bucharest), a concert (Sofia) & a poetry night (Tirana). 3rd phase of ECHO III (Wandering Arts Caravan): The goal of the Caravan is to keep talking about marriage, forced marriage and gender issues that are deep rooted in the Balkan societies, through culture. Thus, the last phase of ECHO III is for the contributors of the artistic events/results to go on a tour to Balkan cities, performing their art together and present the gender roles and norms through. Applying artists pick one of four residencies taking place online and in the partner countries: Athens Art Residency (Theatre) during January 2023 – March 2023, Bucharest Art Residency (Visual Arts) in March 2023, Sofia Art Residency (Music) during January – February 2023, Albania Art Residency (Literature) in March 2023.

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ECHO III: Open Call for Artists

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