2022 Residency - Call for Proposals

Artistic fields
Applied Arts, Architecture, Curating, Dance, Design, Digital, Drawing, Education, Fashion, Film, Installation, Interdisciplinary, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Public Art, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound Art, Textiles, Video, Visual Arts, Writing
1600 USD Residents receive a $600 stipend as well as an additional stipend of $1,000 to produce public programs and in-kind resources to develop a publication.
Residents receive creative, technical, and administrative support from Wendy’s Subway staff to realize a program of public events, as well as editorial, design, and production support for a publication related to their proposed project. The unique format of the Residency Program provides resources for focused study, research, and creative work, as well as a platform for projects that seek to expand the social impact of the resident’s work through audience engagement.
Residents will be selected through a panel composed of Wendy’s Subway staff and a guest jury of former residents, publishers, writers, curators, and arts practitioners. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the proposal’s rationale, scope, and feasibility within the residency period; emphasis on audience engagement through public programming and publication; and overall alignment with Wendy’s Subway’s mission.
The Wendy’s Subway Residency Program supports a variety of projects at the intersection of literature, the arts, and publishing. This stipended residency provides artists, writers, independent publishers, and small-scale arts organizations with focused time to research, experiment, and develop creative projects, public programs, and publications over three months. Residents receive a $600 stipend as well as an additional stipend of $1,000 to produce public programs and further funds and in-kind resources to develop a publication. Residents become key-holders at Wendy’s Subway during the course of their residency with 24/7 access to the library and workspace. Beyond this time, residents receive yearlong Supporter-level membership to Wendy’s Subway. Residents are invited to develop projects that manifest through three key areas of Wendy’s Subway programming. These include: *****Developing 2-3 public programs, including talks, workshops, screenings, performances, and more (in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines). *****Conceiving and developing a publication with Wendy’s Subway during the residency period. Past publications have taken the form of annotated bibliographies, quick zines, edited transcripts stemming from public programs, commissioned reflections, and ephemera and research undertaken over the course of the residency. Each publication is printed in an edition of 150-300 copies and distributed by Wendy’s Subway. *****Exhibiting a special collection of printed matter and producing creative interventions in the reading room. The collection on display is acquired by Wendy’s Subway as part of the Residency Archive.
Brooklyn, New York, United States
3 months
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Jury Members
Previous Winners
Pinko Collective
NYC Trans Oral History Project
Radiating Black ~ Puerto Rican ~ Feminist Studies at CUNY
The Free Black Women’s Library
Kaf Collective
Reading Zimbabwe
Pilipinx American Library - P A L
Erizo: A Journal of the Arts
Collective Question
Gato Negro Ediciones
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