bauhaus earth fellowship program

Apr. 22, 2023
16 Im Marienpark, Berlin, Germany

The project-based Bauhaus Earth Fellowship Program (BE-FELLOW) funds selected, exceptionally talented, emerging protagonists in the Bauwende (a German term referring to the massive paradigm shift necessary in how we build).

The Program objective is to identify new, powerful architectural languages for a sustainable built environment and to support this transformation via architectural quality and design expression. The Program is designed to provide Fellows with the financial freedom and the intellectual and professional environment to pursue their promising experimental ideas and new design approaches in a focused way.

Fellowship projects challenge existing building codes and conventions in the construction sector through design and building practice. Through collaborative practice, the fellowship projects bring together emerging actors, experts, students, and local stakeholders. They aim to produce new knowledge on local, biobased, and circular building, bridging the gap between institutional research and building practice to contribute to the development of a powerful aesthetic for a sustainable architecture of the future.

BE-FELLOW welcomes a broad spectrum of emerging international practitioners in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, art, as well as interdisciplinary constellations of architectural production.

Fellowship projects are framed by clear research questions and typically target the production of architectural artifacts of manageable scale that serve as tangible and measurable demonstrations of new ways of building. They should aim for longevity and to be integrated in a real-world, social context.

Projects are open-ended and designed for a duration of 3 to 12 months. They are developed and implemented in close collaboration between the Fellows and BE-FELLOW team and further project-specific partners in an open and shared research environment. Fellows are encouraged to spend as much time as possible in Berlin and in the LAB and office space at Marienpark. The Fellows’ presence in Berlin and Brandenburg is linked to exhibitions, lectures, symposia, and debates.

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Bauhaus Earth Fellowship Program

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