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May. 31, 2023

Cities Ahead is a European programme initiated by the Goethe-Institut that supports municipalities in cultural urban development that want to make the best possible use of the existing potential of the cultural and creative industries and strive for international visibility.

In cooperation with the Department for Culture, World Heritage and Sport of the City of Augsburg, Cities Ahead is launching an open call to creatives worldwide. They are looking for placemaking projects for the creative (temporary) transformation of public space in Augsburg, in the overarching context of sustainable cultural urban development. The focus should be on the needs, aspirations, wishes and visions of the local population.

The placemaking projects are intended to strengthen the connections between people and places and relate to one of the following two locations in Augsburg:

  • Maximilianstraße: Maximilianstraße in the old town of Augsburg is one of the most important streets in Germany in terms of art history, with buildings from the Renaissance, Rococo, Neo-Classical and post-war Modern periods. As a pilot project, part of Maximilianstraße will be traffic-calmed for one year starting in May 2023, providing space for project ideas.
  • The Augsburg Theatre District: This new theatre district is currently being created as a sustainable urban quarter in a participatory process. In the process, new public spaces are also being created, the opening of which is to be additionally promoted through various placemaking projects.

The aim of submitted projects should be to improve the quality of stay at the selected location and to promote aspects of ecological, economic, social and/or cultural sustainability. Furthermore, projects should have a participatory approach and thus lead to a greater sense of responsibility and belonging among the citizens of the city. Projects are to be implemented in the second half of 2023 (by November at the latest).

The programme will fund a total of two projects by creatives from all over the world with experience working in public spaces and a participatory approach, i.e. they involve citizens and/or the municipality in their work. Selected projects will receive a grant of €4000 each for the further conception and implementation of the placemaking project on site. The grant includes a lump sum for travel expenses and any additional material or development costs.

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Cities Ahead in Augsburg

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