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Apr. 2, 2023
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The CPSA International Exhibition is an annual juried gallery exhibition exclusively for works done in 100% colored pencil. Open to all artists 18 years or older, regardless of geographic location. No preferential treatment is given to CPSA members over non-members.

Selected artworks will be on display at The Summit Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, from July 2, 2023 through July 30, 2023. Artwork must appear in the show to count toward CPSA signature status.

The juror is Jerry N. Smith, Chief Curator and Director of Education at The Dayton Art Institute.

Eligibility • Open to all artists 18 years or older, regardless of geographic location. • No preferential treatment is given to CPSA members over non-members. • Artworks must be done in 100% colored pencil. • Each artist may submit one or two works of art for consideration. CPSA allows selection of no more than one work per artist.

Deadline for Entries 11:59 p.m. (Mountain Time), April 3, 2023. Do not wait until the last minute.

Acceptance and Notifications • No notifications of acceptance are sent by CPSA. • A list of selected artists will be posted at the CPSA website ( no later than May 1, 2023. • Award winners will be notified by phone or email after judging is completed in early July.

Requirements • Before entering, be sure to read the prospectus completely and carefully for additional information and requirements. Click here for a printable prospectus.

• Artwork must be 100% colored pencil on a 2-dimensional, manufactured surface (no preparation by artist). Use of any other media or artist-prepared surface disqualifies the entry. • Artwork must be solely the original concept and design of the submitting artist. • Absolutely no work copied from someone else’s photograph, downloaded images, or other copyrighted and published materials. • Artwork must have been completed in or after 2020 and not previously hung in any CPSA International Exhibition. • Outside frame dimensions may not exceed 40 inches (longer dimension) by 32 inches (shorter dimension).

Additional Costs The artist is responsible for a cartage fee of $88 as well as costs for shipping and framing (if any).

Commitment to Ship By submitting an entry, you are committing to ship your artwork, if selected, for the full duration of the CPSA exhibition. Any artist who fails to ship a selected entry may be barred from entering CPSA exhibitions for the next two years.

Disqualification Initial selection by the juror does not guarantee that your work will appear in the show. A final in-person review of the actual artwork is made to ensure it complies with execution, framing and other requirements (see prospectus) and is of the same quality as depicted by the digital image. A selected entry may be disqualified at any time for failure to meet specifications.

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Colored Pencil International Exhibit

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