9th jalón ángel photography awards

May. 28, 2023
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The Jalón Ángel Photograph Archive, belonging to Grupo San Valero and guarded by San Jorge University are organising the 9th Jalón Ángel Photography Awards.

Ángel Hilario García de Jalón Hueto (1898-1976), better known as Jalón Angel, was one of the most prominent figures of portrait photography in Spain during his 50 years of professional career. This photographer, who had a great social and human impact, began his early training in Logroño and perfected it in the first decade of the twentieth century, first in Lyon and then in Paris. In 1926, he settled in Zaragoza where he combined his most personal and creative photography, specialising in travel and urban and natural landscape, with his portrait work.

His social and Christian concern led him to promote, in 1953, the San Valero Professional School belonging to Grupo San Valero, which gave young people without adequate resources access to employment through training programmes.

This award not only aims to honour the memory of Jalón Ángel as a photographer, but also as the founder of Grupo San Valero, a network of institutions for educational and vocational training at different levels and modalities. For this reason, the winning categories are: Portrait, a genre in which he excelled at a national level; Travel and traditions, to which he devoted much of his photographic creativity and, in this edition, the special category on the Science and Photography as a contribution to the recognition of the 170th anniversary of the birth of Ramón y Cajal. Coinciding this year, with the 70th anniversary of the San Valero Group, one more category is added: Education and Training.

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9th Jalón Ángel Photography Awards

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