Art Dream Fund | Second Life

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Entries can be submitted individually or as a group or community. Group work is highly encouraged in the NFT space where we value community spirit.
Cash Prize
20000 USD Grand Prize Award
10000 USD Best Creativity Awards x4
5000 USD Best Category Awards x8
APENFT's Cryptovoxels Museum
TRON and APENFT social media and publicity exposure - Opportunity to be featured in APENFT's marketplace launch event - Expert advice and practical guidance into the NFT space
The first themed call for Art Dream Fund’s submissions, initiated by APENFT Foundation and TRON, is "Second Life". We’re calling for digital talents to apply for the fund by creating digital artworks that explore “Second Life” in a digital parallel universe. "Second Life" is a concept closely related to the Metaverse, and NFTs is also regarded as the "ticket to the Metaverse." Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, both utopian and dystopian visions of Web3.0 the Internet have been put forth, capturing the emergence of increasing complexities and variability of human life and hybrid experiences. We are now living in the digital golden age, enjoying tremendous technological and scientific progress with accelerating development of blockchain, NFT and chain games bringing people's vision of the metaverse closer to reality than ever before. We invite artists to portray their dream lives and futures through digital media. As technology profoundly changes the way we play, learn, organize, socialize, and create, there is an urgent need to explore what a highly intelligent and networked society requires us to be and what a high-tech, but humanized world would look like. When our lives and social relationships have become more closely intertwined with technology as social mediation, What kind of religious worship, new artistic origins, literary inspirations, and subversive scientific discoveries will be brought by mankind's vision of the Metaverse? What is the nature of reality? What is the purpose and meaning of Second Life? What does this mean for human consciousness, including all experiences, feelings and emotions? What will the future look like when you, as artists, participate in the construction of the Metaverse through digital art? Art Dream Fund hopes to unleash and resource bold and unbridled creativity by inspiring artists to present their Second Life A story that has yet to unfold.
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