wild futures

Mar. 30, 2023

Artists are invited to propose interesting and innovative new projects for the Creative Capital Awards in the following areas (projects will be evaluated by external reviewers with expertise in the qualifying fields). We invite artists to submit their proposals based on which area experts are most suited and qualified to review the project proposal, with the understanding that radical art is often by nature interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, or antidisciplinary. By choosing to apply within a certain disciplinary category, we are asking you to choose how you want to frame the discussion around your work and to indicate which experts are most qualified to evaluate your project proposal.

Creative Capital is fiercely committed to groundbreaking ideas that challenge what art can be. As countless visionary projects selected for the Creative Capital Awards have demonstrated, socially impactful ideas are embedded in the work of forward-thinking artists in a myriad of forms, often with the goal of imagining new forms of living. Social engagement can take shape across disciplines, therefore, we have expanded opportunities for artists to propose socially engaged, multidisciplinary projects in every category instead of isolating socially engaged art as a unique formal category. In keeping with the spirit of the 17 UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Project Drawdown 100 Ways to Reverse Global Warming, we too have an expansive definition of “sustainability” that goes far beyond climate change and the environmental challenges we face—including: good health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy, reduced inequalities, life on land, and peace, justice, and strong institutions.

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Wild Futures

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