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May. 1, 2023
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ChoreoComp (dance Choreography & music Composition), August 21-26, is meant for young (pre)professional choreographers and composers. Royal Conservatoire Dance is awarding 3 scholarships to emerging choreographers who apply before June 1st 2023.

ChoreoComp is an intensive six-day course (21-26 Aug.’23) for choreographers and composers who are interested in (speed) creating movement and music with live musicians and dancers. Choreographers and composers who apply should be able to make fast decisions, able to improvise, able to work together/communicate clear with the musicians and dance ensemble and be practical when it comes to producing strategies.

After receiving an artistic assignment in the morning, The three composers and choreographers will pair up every two days to work out a concept. Composers will work independent on these concepts together with their musicians in their studios in Amare while the choreographers work with dancers in the dance studios. At the end of the first day a recording is made of the sketches so far by the composer so that the dancers can already start working with sound.

The second day composers/musicians and choreographers finish their work and rehearsals take place for the presentation in the evening. Every second day there is a performance of three new pieces!

The ChoreoComp will be coached by Martijn Padding (Composer & Main subject teacher composition) and Jan Linkens (Choreographer & Head dance department).

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ChoreoComp Program Scholarships

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