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Art house online Gallery is delighted to announce its new call for submission for the Art Magazine. The Art Magazine offers the opportunity for artists worldwide to show and promote their artworks and reach a wide international audience. Read our previous issue The gallery encourages the following meduims but not limited to: Medium: Acrylic, Sharpie Oil Paint, Glitter Spray, Pastel on paper, mixed, Acrylic, painted wood, varnish, lim wood, Watercolor pencil, pastel on paper, ink, threads on canvas, Oil, Graphite stick, pencil on paper, Recycled Bubble Wrap, Tissue, Paper Bags, Acrylic on FOREX, Charcoal on rives paper, Vinyl foil, Acrylic on Canvas, glazed porcelain, Marker and Highlighter, Foam and Acrylic, clay. The gallery encourges the following Themes but not limited to: Themes: Skies, Botanicals, Animals, Texture and Patterns, Nature, City, Portrait, Abstract, Seasons, Colors, Landscapes, Black and white, Faces, Painting and photography, Life on earth, Contemporary, Trees and Fields, Weather, Skies, water. Submission fees: 15$ Deadline for submissions: March 2022. Submission link:
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