phi immersive residency in extended reality technologies

Jun. 26, 2024
407 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal, Canada

PHI Immersive is a 4-week intensive residency program with PHI Studio in Montréal (Canada) that is centred on the development phase of an immersive project, including but not limited to new media, extended reality technologies (VR, AR, MR), AI driven projects, and immersive sound or audio.

The selected artist will work alongside PHI Studio specialists to conceptualize, plan, and prototype their project. Throughout the residency, the project will receive personalized support, workspace, and select resources to develop and refine its concept, create a prototype, and prepare the project for eventual production.

PHI Immersive 2024-2025 Residency location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

PHI Immersive residency period: March 3 to 28, 2025 (4 weeks)

Schedule overview

Week 1 — Amplify and shape

During this phase, the artist immerses themselves in the world of the PHI Studio, connecting with its team to elaborate, explore and develop the concept and establishing the production schedule and specify the stages, framework and form of the project.

Week 2 — Conceive and iterate

This phase marks the start of the development of the concept of the work. The artist, supported by the PHI Studio expertise, explores the possible design and forms of the experience, within the presentation context.

Week 3 — Prototype and adjust

The artist undergoes a five-day sprint in the form of a workshop to develop and design the user experience of the project, the technical operations, and the start and end of the experience with the support of the PHI Studio team.

Week 4 — Optimising and planning what's next

The artist takes part in a second five-day sprint and carries out iterations on the first prototype. After a meeting with the funding team, the artist draws up a financial plan and targets funding opportunities for the rest of the project.

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PHI Immersive Residency in Extended Reality Technologies

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