the beverley art writers travel grant

Mar. 30, 2023
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The Beverley is a US$10,000 grant awarded annually to an established American freelance writer who has an outstanding reputation for art journalism. The purpose of the grant is to foster cultural exchange, discussion and coverage of the Australian contemporary visual arts community and its programs.

The grantee will be given access to visual arts leadership in Australia to assist with introductions and ideas both in advance of the visit to Australia and on site and will be encouraged to visit museums, galleries, art schools, artists’ studios, and private collections, subject to their specific interests.

Grant Purpose:

The grant was developed in response to the need for American writers who wish to examine or explore the Australian visual arts community but are increasingly restricted by the travel budgets of art and culture media outlets with which they typically work. This opportunity to travel to Australia allows the grantee to explore and work while not being obliged to produce income-generating articles or reports. As media travel budgets diminish and budgets for media visits wane, The Beverley provides a small contribution to ensuring that contemporary visual arts ideas and trends are being examined and exported from Australia.

The grantee will be at liberty to set their own itinerary, is required to spend at least two weeks in Australia (preferably longer) and must complete their trip within nine months of being awarded the grant. The grantee will also be invited to report on their experience at an event hosted (either virtually or in person) by the American Australian Association within two months of their return. The Beverley is intended to support the career and practice of the grantee. While there is no obligation to generate articles as a result of the travel, coverage is encouraged.

The inspiration for the grant is Beverley Joan Melick (nee van Eerde), a NSW-based artist and designer who has had a long association with the USA and has had a life-long passion for cultural exchange. The Beverley has been initiated by John Melick (Beverley’s son) who was raised in Sydney and founded the public relations company Blue Medium in New York nearly 20 years ago.

Submission Period:

Open for application on Jan 1 to March 31.

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The Beverley Art Writers Travel Grant

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