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Jun. 17, 2024
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CAAM is excited to announce the The Building Bridges Documentary Fund for independent documentary films about the Muslim experience in the United States. The Fund’s goal is to support U.S. Muslim filmmakers and works that contribute to a fuller spectrum of unseen narratives that need to be told in the context of what it means to be Muslim in the U.S.

The Building Bridges Documentary Fund is supported by the Building Bridges Program of the Doris Duke Foundation. CAAM is honored to be a part of this multi-year journey with our colleagues in the Program: the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) Hollywood Bureau, and Sundance Institute.

CAAM is also collaborating with U.S. Muslim creatives and thought leaders within the independent filmmaking community and beyond to strategize support for a sustainable infrastructure and network for the community. This Documentary Fund is the first of its kind created to support narratives about the U.S. Muslim experience.

We encourage filmmakers at all levels–emerging, mid-career or veteran–to apply with projects that are feature-length, shorts, or episodic series. Awards will range between $10,000 to $100,000.

Our funding process will use the following guidelines in awarding funds:

  • How are U. S. Muslim perspectives key to the project ?
  • Does this project focus on the experience of U.S. Muslims?Is the story idea compelling, engaging, original and well-conceived?
  • Is the visual/stylistic treatment effective and distinctive?
  • Can the project be completed within a realistic timeline based on the applicant’s production and fundraising plans, personnel and budget?
  • Will the project appeal not only to U.S. Muslim viewers, but also to a broader audience?
  • Does the sample demonstrate the skills and/or potential of the applicant to complete the proposed project?
  • What is the team’s connection to the film project and protagonists?
  • Why is the team best suited to tell this story and produce this project?
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The Building Bridges Documentary Fund

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