Natalia De Leon Hernández
Natalia De Leon Hernández
Artist ·
A Dipl. Architect from the Design, Architecture and Plastic Arts department of the Technical University Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. She focused her career on the field of Technology and Architectural Design Research involving herself with “Design by Data“ alongside with WAO-Architecture and WOMA: La fabrique de Quartier in Paris, which introduced her on the age of human-machine-collaboration. Her interest develop as she wrote her Thesis in spanish about “architectural explorations: a cross-disciplinary culture of computational design and the art of manufacturing“. Now, as a Berlin based architect, artist and researcher, she is developing with GRADUE-LAB the possibilities of Parametric Design and Digital Manufacturing to provoke an architectural vocabulary towards a Code-Based and Algortihmic Design understanding, enabled by today´s machine-language.
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