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Kate Metten

Kate Metten

Artist · VANCOUVER, Canada
The Thinking Eye
The Thinking EyeOil on Canvas20" x 24" (x4)
HighLand Rose
HighLand RoseOil on Canvas, Vinyl11 x 14" Blown up to 50 foot
We Do Not Work Alone
We Do Not Work AloneGlazed CeramicDimensions Variable
BAF Residency Interviewvideo
Triptych Dedicated to the Covariant Formalism for Quantum Field TheoryGlazed CeramicDimensions Variable
The Ceiling Was A Grid
The Ceiling Was A GridOil on Canvas, Glazed CeramicDimensions Variable
Follow Me Up To The Right
Follow Me Up To The RightOil on Canvas11 x 14"
Monastic Living (Still Life)
Monastic Living (Still Life)Neodymium Glazed Ceramic and Oil on CanvasDimensions Variable
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