Gê Orthof
Gê Orthof
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Gê Orthof is a Brazilian artist working with installation, performance, drawing, video and photography. He directs a research group in the Visual Arts Program at Instituto de Arte, Universidade de Brasília, intitled: Moradas do Íntimo (Home of Intimacy) which deals with the artist’s creative process from studio to the art spaces to public intervention. Post-doctorate: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2001, Doctorate, Ed.D. 1992, Ed. M,1985 and M.A. Visual Arts, Columbia University, NYC, Visiting artist: School of Visual Arts, Penn State University, 2002 and Aveiro University, Portugal,1990, Fulbright Scholar: School of Visual Arts, NYC 1983, and B. A. in Design at Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial/ Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro,1981 Professor at the Graduate and Undergraduate programs at the Visual Arts Department - Art Institute - Brasilia Federal University, since 1993, Visual Arts Coordinator at Latin American Culture House - Brasilia University, (1999 – 2000). Visiting artist at School of Visual Arts, Penn State University (2002), Post-doctorate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University (2001) Boston, Doctorate (Ed.D.) (1992), Ed. M (1985) and (M.A.) Visual Arts, Columbia University, Visiting artist at Aveiro University, Portugal (1990), New York, Fulbright Scholar at the School of Visual Arts, NYC (1983), and B. A. in Design at Rio de Janeiro State University (1981).
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